There is a significant backlog of cryptoasset companies waiting for Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registration in the UK, some of which have been waiting for months, according to reports.

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Apparently, only a small number have been registered so far — and the clock is ticking. According to the FCA, if they are not registered by January 10th, they will be forced to cease operations.

EU member countries (plus post-Brexit UK) have until January to bring their domestic laws into…

Taking a closer look at the Uniswap vs Sushiswap saga and its effects on the wider reputation of the DeFi movement.

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The ongoing war between decentralised exchanges Sushiswap and Uniswap is pretty entertaining, at least if you’re watching it from a safe distance.

The unsavoury episode is, however, threatening to further undermine the decentralised finance (DeFi) movement that, for many, shows so much promise.

The saga ignited in late August. Sushiswap…

Lee Hills

CEO of SolutionsHub; regarded as the world’s leading authority in crypto and blockchain gambling, as well as the Isle of Man’s experts in Blockchain businesses.

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