Non-Fungible Tokens is the latest buzz phrase from the world of blockchain, with mainstream media taking an interest, particularly thanks to stories involving LeBron James Grimes and Nyan Cat. So what are NFTs?

What are Non-Fungible Tokens?

NFTs are a type of digital certificate to prove authenticity. They exist on the blockchain — the same tech that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rely on — which keeps a record of all transactions.

NFTs are unique and collectible, meaning they cannot be faked or copied. …


The Isle of Man has a robust offering to the gaming sector, with professional skills and expertise honed since the infancy of the sector, but when one wants to understand the drivers for a sector they need to listen to the operators themselves and our clients are telling us that the Isle of Man licence solves their business-critical issues including access to emerging markets, banking, acquiring charges and regulatory instability.

The Isle of Man is politically transparent and extremely stable, with easy access to…

Following revelations that many UK cryptoasset companies have been left in limbo by the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA), the regulator has announced an interim measure to allow time to clear the backlog of application processing. Lee Hills, CEO of Blockchain regulation specialist SolutionsHub, looks at what this means for the companies involved…

The Temporary Registration Regime has been established for businesses that applied for registration before December 16, 2020, and grants them permission to trade until July 9, 2021, in the hope the backlog can be cleared by that date.

The FCA cited the complexity of applications, the standard of applications…

There is a significant backlog of cryptoasset companies waiting for Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registration in the UK, some of which have been waiting for months, according to reports.

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Apparently, only a small number have been registered so far — and the clock is ticking. According to the FCA, if they are not registered by January 10th, they will be forced to cease operations.

EU member countries (plus post-Brexit UK) have until January to bring their domestic laws into full compliance with the 5th Money Laundering Directive (5MLD).

Before that date, each participant country should have updated its legislation, given the need to fully comply with 5MLD by January 10, 2020. There are, however, countries that have not completed this process.

The FCA has its own guidance on how…

Taking a closer look at the Uniswap vs Sushiswap saga and its effects on the wider reputation of the DeFi movement.

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The ongoing war between decentralised exchanges Sushiswap and Uniswap is pretty entertaining, at least if you’re watching it from a safe distance.

The unsavoury episode is, however, threatening to further undermine the decentralised finance (DeFi) movement that, for many, shows so much promise.

The saga ignited in late August. Sushiswap set the cat among the pigeons with the launch of a governance token that paved the way for a massive migration of assets from Uniswap to its rival. Indeed, at one stage, it was claimed $1.27bn — some 77% — of liquidity was locked in Sushi contracts.

At that time…

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The term “crypto investing” brings with it a large amount of stigma, particularly in the eyes of mainstream observers, not au fait with the blockchain movement. More often than not, they deem any form of crypto investing as a scam, a fad that should not be touched with a barge pole.

By contrast, investing in the stock market is, more often than not, perceived as impressive and highly skilled.

In fairness, the stock market has been around a lot longer than crypto and crypto hasn’t done itself many favours with high-profile scandals including the hacking of exchanges and disreputable initial…

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With a new phase in the development of China’s Digital Yuan underway and the prospect of an asset with the mainstream adoption of a fiat currency becoming a reality, SolutionsHub CEO Lee Hills takes a look at recent developments and the significance of the speed of the rollouts.

As noted in our article, DCEP: China’s crypto embrace will change the world, details regarding the nature of DCEP have been somewhat vague and parties outside of the Chinese authorities are making largely educated guesses as to how DCEP integrates with wider plans for the future of Chinese finance, how volatility will…

Visa Bitcoin move brings timely boost for crypto community

Cryptocurrency’s journey towards mass adoption has sometimes appeared in danger of being derailed during the past 12 months but there have been enough positives to maintain momentum and, in the past week, an announcement from Visa was nothing short of a turbo boost.

The global payments giant has shown its strongest crypto commitment yet by announcing it had been working with digital currency platforms like Coinbase and Fold to “provide a bridge between digital currencies” and its global network of 61 million merchants.

A statement on the Visa Bitcoin project said: “Around the world, more than 25 digital currency wallets…

Picture: StarLadder

That was the meme doing the rounds on social media as it became apparent that esports was fast becoming one of the few surviving forms of live entertainment.

For traditional sports, the calendar has been obliterated, with very little light at the end of the tunnel.

EURO 2020, Champions League, Premier League, The Masters, NBA, The Grand National — the list includes pretty much every sport — have all been postponed or cancelled as authorities desperately try to battle the COVID-19 outbreak.

But esports is different by definition and, therefore, more resilient in these difficult times. …

Another respected name from the world of finance has shown faith in the future of cryptocurrency as Lloyd’s of London moved into the blockchain space.

Lloyd’s — regarded as the world’s leading insurance market — announced on Tuesday it was launching a policy specifically designed to protect crypto held in online wallets.

Although engaged with a limited number of businesses to date, the Lloyd’s crypto-insurance announcement is a strong move to openly provide services to the blockchain sector.

Lloyd’s worked with Coincover to launch the first of its kind liability policy to protect against losses arising from the theft of…

Lee Hills

CEO of SolutionsHub; regarded as the world’s leading authority in crypto and blockchain gambling, as well as the Isle of Man’s experts in Blockchain businesses.

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